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pySioGame - Installation

Running pySioGame in Windows (from .exe file)

Download the latest version of pySioGame.

If you have downloaded the pysiogame-* file the only thing you need to do is to unpack the archive and start it with the pysiogame.exe file. Optionally you may like to install eSpeak to enable in-game text-to-speech capabilities, to do so go to:, download and install the latest version of eSpeak.

Running pySioGame from source in Windows

Getting the required software

Since python is an interpreted language it is being read and executed line by line. There will be no pysiogame.exe file for it, just the source code. You will have to install the required software manually before you can run pySioGame. The installation instructions below were tested on Windows XP, 7 and 8 (the order of installation is important).


from: download and install: "Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.7.8)"


from: download and install: pygame-1.9.1.win32-py2.7.msi


Finally download the latest version of pySioGame source, the earlier versions are not compatible with Windows. Unpack it somewhere and optionally you can create a shortcut to it by right-clicking on -> Create shortcut (move it to your desktop, if you like).

eSpeak (optional but useful)

In case of Windows it is a little bit more complicated to get eSpeak to work with pySioGame. The following was tested on Windows 8 and Windows XP:

from: download and install the latest version of eSpeak (compiled for Windows)

Whilst installing, copy or remember the location of where eSpeak is being installed, in Windows 8 it will most likely be at: C:\Program Files (x86)\eSpeak\ and in Windows XP at: C:\Program Files\eSpeak\

To enable pySioGame to use eSpeak as a command line tool you need to add the location of its command line program to the system PATH. Basically if your eSpeak has been installed in the default location you need to append the following line at the end of what is already there (otherwise add command_line at the end of what you have copied, remember about the semicolon and don't enter any spaces before or after the text):

Windows 8:
;C:\Program Files (x86)\eSpeak\command_line

Windows XP
;C:\Program Files\eSpeak\command_line

This How-To Geek post presents quite nicely how to go about adding a folder to system path in latest versions of Windows. The instructions for Windows XP available at eHow.

If everything went OK you should see an additional icon in pySioGame allowing you to enable eSpeak and use its text-to-speech capabilities.

Installing pySioGame on Linux

There are two ways of installing pySioGame on Linux. You can either download the source code and since it's written in python just run it from source or you can install it from package.

Running pySioGame from source in Linux

To run the application from source you have to satisfy all dependencies first.


Most likely some version of python comes pre-installed with your distribution of Linux, so it shouldn't be a problem, but it may be worth checking the version number (start terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type: python --version or on newer systems: python3 --version anything above 2.7 will do).

If for some unexplained reason you haven't got it installed you can get it from:

pygame (python-pygame package)

The following will help you determine if you have pygame installed (use python3 instead if that's the version you are using).
$ python
>>> import pygame
>>> exit()

If you have never used it before it is likely you will get the following: "ImportError: No module named pygame" and you will have to install it first.

Check your repository (ie. Software Centre) - search for
python-pygame, or if you are using Debian/Ubuntu run:
$sudo apt-get install python-pygame

For other distros visit:

eSpeak (optional but useful)

pySioGame is designed to read some texts in games via text-to-speech engine called eSpeak. To make use of this feature you need to have it installed as well.

It is possible it is pre-installed, to check it run: $espeak --version. If you get "No command 'espeak' found." you have to install it. As with previous dependencies it is likely you will find it in the repo, but the alternative option would be to get it from:

If you are going to use the Russian language you could also benefit from downloading additional dictionary data regardless of what method you chose to install the eSpeak with.

freefont package

You may also need to install a compatible version of the freefont package. Unfortunatelly it has different name under each platform:
fonts-freefont-ttf (Debian)
ttf-freefont (Ubuntu)
gnu-free-sans-fonts (Fedora)
or equivalent in your distro

downloading and running pysiogame

You can download the official pySioGame release from

Provided you have satisfied all dependencies, downloaded pysiogame and extracted it somewhere you can run it by typing the following command into the terminal (replacing the /path/to/ with the path to the place where you have extracted the package):
$ python /path/to/
or if you use python3
$ python3 /path/to/

To avoid it you can also create a link to the program using the same command or just mark the executable and double click on it - not very safe with kids...

Installing pySioGame as a ready package

There are some packages already created (sadly most of them rather outdated), a list of them is available at:

The package should deal with the dependencies for you so you basically need to download the file (ie. the *.deb) and open it with the package management software (ie. Ubuntu Software Centre if you are using Ubuntu). Click on Install and everything should be done for you.

It is likely that in near future it will also be available in the Software Centres in Ubuntu and Debian - give it a try it may already be there.

Installing pySioGame on Macintosh

This is going to be very theoretical and short, because it hasn't been tested on any Mac machine, but since python is an interpreted language and pretty much system independent installing python, pygame and eSpeak for Mac (if not installed) and downloading and unpacking pySioGame should be enough to run it. Also have a look at the pygame installation instructions for Mac. If you manage to run it please drop me a line so I can update this page.